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Polish2Space NFT drop is phase 1 of the TPA web3 experience. Its a trading card set featuring characters from the Polish To Space graphic novel, co-created by The Polish Ambassador and JC Lacek and illustrated by Vincent Jolas Dubourg and Butch Mapa. These trading cards will be randomly generated using multiple rarity layers. Some will be more common, some will be ultra rare. Some will be one of a kind. They will all be cool as fu%k! 

This project will be a playground for us to bring together Polish Ambassador fans (old and new) to explore what it is like to take a graphic novel from an established music artist and immerse it into the web3 world.

Polish2Space Holder Launch Party (2.15.22 Denver)

Our First NFT Drop “Polish2Space Golden Moments”

We successfully launched our Polish2Space Golden Moments collection of 567 NFTs February 2022.  A collection of favorite frames from The Polish Ambassador to Space graphic novel released in 2021.

Minting is now closed – Visit OpenSea to view collection

Golden Moments Timeline

  • 1.24.22 – Whitelist application opened

  • 2.9.22 – Whitelist application closed

  • 2.11.22 – Whitelist Minting began

  • 2.13.22 – Minting began

  • 2.15.22 – Free Launch Party for all holder

  • 3.3.22 – Voted as a community to close the mint on SNAPSHOT.org (1 NFT = 1 Vote)

  • 3.5.22 – Minting closed

  • 3.6.22 – We revealed the NFTs

Why hold these NFTs? 

Holders of these NFTs will be part of the TPA community in a more direct way. You’ll get early access to future NFT drops, access to the private discord channel for members, access to an exclusive Polish2Space mixtape, access to collaborations we embark upon with other NFT projects, and you’ll get yourself a digital copy of the graphic novel. There will be more perks for holders. We’re trusting the community voice will guide what will be valuable to the community, but these are some early ideas:

Access To Exclusive Events

Exclusive NFT Airdrops

Exclusive Merch

DAO Governance Token Airdrop

Holder Raffles

Early Access

More Polish2Space graphic novel content

Animated series? (dream big, they say!)

The Graphic Novel

The Polish Ambassador to Space Graphic Novel is an outer-space romp, rife with adventure and hilarious moments. Polish and his rag-tag crew will tickle your inner space nerd as they fight monsters, banter amongst themselves, and turn their worst enemies into friends. The mythology of The Polish Ambassador universe expands with this rad piece of memorabilia. You can pick up a physical copy here!


We will be launching the Polish2Space PFP trading  deck very soon!

Click here for whitelist application

 Currently, we are in the process of working with some of our favorite NFT projects to offer whitelist spots to their communities. If interested in collaborating, please get in touch here.

A portion of the mint will be set aside to make sure we are not only carbon neutral, but climate positive. Additionally, we will begin building a treasury that will allow us to instigate new ideas for the Polish2Space Project.

And Oh yea…There’s a 5 song Soundtrack EP for the graphic novel.
Check it out here or where ever you like to listen.


Polish2Space Discord

Join The Polish Ambassador and the Polish2space crew in our discord.

Launch Polish2space.io

Polish2space.io was launched!

Whitelist Application Live!

Join the whitelist and mint 48 hours before the public NFT sale!

Whitelist Closes

Whitelist closes 2.10.22 you’ll be notified by email once approved of the minting link.

Begin Golden Moments Mint

Minting will begin for the ‘Golden Moments’ collection on February 13 at ETH Denver, the world’s largest Ethereum Hackathon!

Launch Party for Holders

Join us in Denver on 2.15.22 at IRL Underground to celebrate a successful launch of this project!  ‘Golden Moments’ NFT holders will be able to unlock a free ticket to the event.

Phase 2 and beyond!

Our Team

David Sugalski – The Polish Ambassador

Musician. Producer. Beatsmith. Recording artist. Composer. Dance-floor general. Label-head. A mystery man of many hats, The Polish Ambassador rocks more than just a trademark jumpsuit, authoring sublime, intentional artistic works, animated safaris in technicolor sound.  At first breath, The Polish Ambassador was an experiment, David Sugalski’s sound-art passion project that came to life. An inventive, imaginary character born of humble, humorous beginnings, he found his first audiences through the support of primitive digital radio stations. Today, TPA is among the premier EDM/live crossover artists in the country with millions of listeners around the world; he’s consistently in-demand at the live music-focused gatherings and boutique electronic festivals from coast to coast. Founder of independent label Jumpsuit Records, an environmentalist and early progenitor of the permaculture action movement, the world’s funkiest diplomat is here to party with a purpose.

JC Lacek – The Writer / Co-creator

The Polish Ambassador to Space is the third full-length graphic novel by comic writer, screenwriter, and playwright, JC Lacek. JC’s comic writing credits include Whiskey Tango Comics’, Andy Griffith Must Die, Grayhaven Comics’, KAIJU, and Scout Comics’, Jazz Legend (currently in development by Rooster Teeth Studios as an animated series). His forthcoming, The Arc, graphic novel (created in conjunction with TPATS illustrator Vincent Jolas Dubourg) is set for release late ’22. As a playwright, JC’s credentials include 2017’s musical comedy FRACK!! and the Appalachian gothic, Abomination on Bolt Mountain, which headlined San Francisco’s 2016 Greenhouse Theatre Festival. His script for Abomination is currently in development for a feature film adaptation.

Butch Mapa – The Illustrator /Cover Artist

Star Wars Adventures (IDW), Chuck D Presents Apocalypse 91 (Z2 Comics)

Vincent Jolas Dubourg – The Illustrator

Jazz Legend (Scout Comics), Napoleon Bonaparte (Clémentine publishing)

Jacob Lill aka WiggleWork – The Developer

When Jake isn’t making music as WiggleWork he stays busy building technologies and helping impact projects and artists enter the Web3 space.  His focus has creating real world experiences in which people can have fun exposures with blockchain technology.  Jake has formed crypto meetups around the world and has been developing web2 and web3 for 10+ years and holds a role in the leadership of Camp Decentral.

Brian Parks aka FutureGeeGee – Project Manager

NFT enthusiast, forest dweller, musician on Jumpsuit Records (Grandfather Gold, Ayla Nereo). I’ve been diving deep into the possibilities of web3 and i’m super excited to be building something fun and dynamic with a great team. I love the intersection of music, digital collectibles, and community!

Adam Walz aka Dojo 612 – Community Manager

NFT Collector that loves making people laugh and helping people learn. After taking the red pill on web3, I have some neat ideas. Spirit animal: David’s baby goats.

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